Customer Service Dress Code 

Here at Chewy, there is enormous support, acceptance and appreciation for everyone’s individuality and diversity of expression. For this reason, we don’t enforce a formal dress code such as “business casual.” Instead, we encourage Team Members to dress appropriately and comfortably. For one person, that might be shorts and a t-shirt, while another might prefer a suit or a dress. These are all acceptable, as long as they follow the guidelines below.
What might be appropriate for lounging around the home, going to a club, working in the yard or playing sports, may not be safe or appropriate for the workplace. If you’re not sure whether something is acceptable, we’d recommend wearing something else. A few styles of dress that are not appropriate for the workplace include (but are not limited to) anything that has the overall appearance of: 
  • Pajamas—Sweatpants, drawstring pants, fuzzy slippers, nightgowns.
  • Gym clothes—“Muscle tees,” basketball shorts, short running shorts, leggings, yoga pants, sports bras as shirts. Note that attire should be no shorter than one Chewy badge-length above the knee.
  • Club/Party Attire—Overly tight/form-fitting clothing, deep V-necks.
  • Tattered Clothing—Highly ripped/torn pants, visibly dirty/messy apparel.
  • House/Lounge Footwear—A nice pair of leather sandals or Birkenstocks are fine, but slippers, slides or any other form of shoes designed for lounging are not appropriate.
  • Revealing—Shirt straps should be at least the width of your Chewy badge. Shorts/skirts/dresses should be roughly arm's length. Any part of your torso or legs that would ordinarily be concealed with a standard V-neck shirt and shorts should remain covered regardless of clothing style. Sheer or see-through portions of clothing may also be unacceptable if they reveal parts of the body outlined above.
  • Offensive—Any clothing with obscene graphics, inappropriate language or any content that creates a hostile work environment is not permitted.
  • Hidden—For safety and security, no clothing or garments can conceal a Team Member’s face and head unless such garments are worn for religious purposes. No masks, hoodie heads or anything that would make identification difficult are permitted.