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Customer Service Pack Member Perspectives

Our Team Members are what make Chewy’s Customer Service team so special!
​​​​​​​Listen in and learn what they think about #LifeAtChewy.
Brian's Perspective
Brian is a Health Care Agent who facilitates customers’ needs between the Pet Pharmacy and Vet Diet departments. 
Alex's Perspective
Alex is a Quality Assurance Agent who uses her critical thinking and research skills to audit Chewy’s processes and procedures and examine how that affects customer service.
Daisy's Perspective
Daisy manages a small, close-knit team of Customer Services Agents and helps guides them to learn how to provide the best-in-class Customer Service experience that Chewy customers expect.
Maura's Perspective
Maura stays engages with her teammates through Slack and social activities outside of work. She helps pet parents with a variety of Chewy products through listening to their concerns and providing solutions to best suit their needs.
Eli's Perspective
Eli is on the Customer Service Writing team. He uses active listening and creativity to solve Customer Service issues and provide the best experience possible.
Cadey's Perspective
Cadey is a Business Intelligence Engineer for Chewy Customer Service. She partners with leaders to turn their data into actionable information to drive decision-making. She believes it's important to represent women and loves that she can use data to influence positive change.
Felicia's Perspective
Felicia is an Associate Director on the Customer Service Product Management team and has been with Chewy for 8 years. She shares the skills and tools she uses to advocate for customers and Team Members and the impact her work has on their experience.
Kristi's Perspective
Kristi shares what she likes most about working as a Customer Service Representative at Chewy and how being adaptable makes her successful in her role.
Rachel's Perspective
Rachel shares what to expect on your first day at Chewy as a Customer Service Representative and how to create a distraction-free work environment at home.
Seth's Perspective
Seth is a Customer Service Representative at Chewy. He shares how he set up a distraction-free work environment and his advice to make your first day a success.
Alondra's Perspective
Alondra is a Customer Service Representative at Chewy. She shares how she actively listens to pet parents to help solve their problems and works to turn a customer's day around.
Samantha's Perspective
Samantha is a Customer Service Representative at Chewy. She shares how understanding and empathizing with customers is key in helping them find the best solutions for their pets.
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Customer Service Careers

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