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Chewy Customer Service Representative Benefits Overview

Customer Service Team Members are a vital part of our success. That’s the reason
we invest in benefits that help protect our Team Members' health, income and
so much more. 

Professional Development


Become Your Best

Whether you want to dive deep in your craft and become a subject matter expert,  be a leader of a team or star in a supporting role, we have a variety of leadership and mentorship programs, cross-function job training and development tracks for advancement. 

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Work/Life Balance

Taking time off is important for recharging and relaxing, or for when life throws unexpected curveballs your way. In either case, Chewy provides flexibility for when Customer Service Representatives need time off by offering Paid Time Off (PTO) and Unpaid Time Off (UTO).

Paid Time Off (PTO)

PTO is accrued weekly beginning on your date of hire. Accrued but unused PTO rolls over year to year, up to 160 hours.

Accrual of Paid Time Off:
0-4 Years of Employment - 80 hours
5-9 Years of Employment - 120 hours
10+ Years of Employment - 160 hours

Unpaid Time Off (UTO)

UTO is a balance of time that is intended to account for unplanned absences and tardiness at work, without pay, which may be taken in one-minute increments. Team Members receive a bank of 40 UTO hours every year. Excused absences do not affect Team Members' UTO balance.

Parental Leave

Birth mothers may take up to six weeks of paid medical leave for a vaginal birth or eight weeks for birth by cesarean section, in order to medically recuperate from the birth of their child(ren). All new parents, including adopting parents and spouses, can take up to six weeks of Paid Bonding Leave to bond with their new child (or children).

Employee Discount

As proud pet people, we love our products just as much as our customers. As an added perk, Chewtopians can purchase many of their favorite products at a discount. 

Community and Events

Chewy knows that part of being a great company is being a great neighbor. We offer many ways to give back to local communities and have fun while doing it. We also recognize a great team is a connected team, which is why we also offer team-building events.
This page is intended for a brief overview of benefits. Please consult the detailed benefits guide in Workday once you start your career as a Customer Service Representative at Chewy.