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Fulfillment starts here, with our commitment to you.​​​​​​​​​​​

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Five Reasons to join the
Chewy Warehouse and Fulfillment team

You Belong
Chewy values our employees by striving to provide a safety-first work environment. We’re committed to eliminating risk, improving operations, and enhancing the wellbeing of each team member. 
You Can Grow
We value our team members, a lot. We strive to do the right thing and want all Chewtopians to feel like they belong here!  
You Can Make a Difference
Chewy provides the tools and development opportunities you need to unleash your full potential.   
You Are Supported
Chewy provides competitive wages, benefits, and perks – but it doesn’t stop there. We recognize and reward our team members by celebrating their accomplishments, listening to their feedback, and implementing their great ideas. 
You Are Rewarded
We’re a diverse and inclusive team of passionate pet lovers. We value people who have diverse backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives. Everyone’s voice matters at Chewy.  

Pack Member Perspectives

​​​Meet Tykia - "I have been with Chewy for three years and I am loving it!  My advice for anyone looking to join Chewy would be to stay open minded, organized, and be willing to grow."
Meet Daniel - "They will show you everything you need and give you the tools that you need to grow.  The reason why I stay is because of how hard they push for safety."
Meet Maura - a remote customer service representative
Meet Daniel - a warehouse fulfillment specialist