Internships at Chewy
Put your new academic skills to work and gain professional experience before graduation by joining us for an internship at one of our many locations! You get to learn about Chewy and determine if our environment, culture, and type of work are right for you while we get an inside view of your skills and capabilities.

The Summer Internship program runs for 10 weeks, starting in early June, where they complete specific, time-bound projects while integrating into teams. Please note that job location will vary based on the type of role selected. 

National Intern Day Spotlight

Pack Member Perspectives

Jade N. - Chewy FC team member
"It's a joy to walk into work every day where passion for your pets meets passion for work... There is always room to improve in operations, but I am confident that Chewy will always find a way to take challenges and make them into opportunities."

Jade N.
Area Manager

University of Texas
Quincy - Chewy team member
“What makes an Internship at Chewy so unique is Chewy's culture. I have never felt so welcomed and supported by an organization. I felt energized and motivated to assist my team during my stay with Chewy.”

Quincy Garcia Escobar
Accounting Intern

Miami Dade College

Jade N. - Chewy FC team member
"With Chewy, I have always been surrounded by friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive teammates. From my time as a co-op, through being taken on full-time, my team has enabled me to work up to my full potential and provide meaningful contributions to our site."

Shane P.
IT Healthcare

Northeastern University
Jade N. - Chewy FC team member
"My exposure to popular and effective software has been critical to my development as an engineer, and my team is always ready and willing to answer my questions."

Priya S.
Software Engineer

University of Michigan
Jade N. - Chewy FC team member
"The people around you truly make you feel like part of the pack, so it was an easy decision to come back for a second co-op, and now full-time, at Chewy. I highly recommend Chewy to all students looking to expand their skillsets and make meaningful connections."

Matt S.
Employer Brand Analyst

Northeastern University