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I9 Verification Instructions

Since Form I9 requires specific documents to be reviewed in person, a notary will act as an authorized representative to validate the documents you present. The I9 does not need to be notarized by the notary, just completed. In fact, I9 forms cannot include a notary stamp. You will need to schedule a time to meet with a notary to complete this requirement. More information on working with your assigned notary is below as Chewy has partnered with mobile notaries to provide this service for you.  
Chewy has sent you a blank I9 Form and a prepaid return envelope to complete with the notary, which was included in one of the three boxes you received with your physical equipment. This task must be completed with a notary, within 48 hours of your first day and returned to Chewy successfully to complete your onboarding. 

Steps for you to complete the I9 Employment Verification through a notary:


Step 1

Chewy has identified mobile notary options that will meet you at your home or desired location. The cost of the notary has been paid for by Chewy. To ensure a smooth onboarding process, you are required to contact the notary either Thursday or Friday prior to your start date but no later than the morning of your start date, so that the notary can schedule a time with you and meet you at your desired location. Here is the contact information for the notary service.  
Notary: AZ Mobile Notary Pros
Contact: Jennifer Sultzaberger
Phone: 602-703-3448

If emailing the assigned notary, please ensure you provide the following in the email:
  • Preferred signing location address
  • Contact number (phone number) 

Step 2

Leverage the I9 Form that Chewy has shipped to you in your equipment package. If needed, download and print the Blank I9 Employment Verification Form.

Step 3

You must fill out and sign Section 1 (page 1) of the I9 Employment Verification Form no later than your first day of employment. 

Step 4

Look at the acceptable I9 documents list (page 3). You will have to present either one document from List A OR one document each from List B AND C.  

It is critical that you contact the notary as soon as possible so that there is not a delay in I-9 verification.

If you are having issues contacting the notary, please email

Here is what to expect during your meeting with the notary: 


Step 5

Bring the paper I9 Form with Section 1 completed and the documents noted above to your meeting with the notary. This meeting may take place at your home.  

Step 6

Please have the notary verify your documents and fill out the top portion of Section 2, (page 2).  

Step 7

You will need to provide your start date, as your first date of employment in Section 2 for the notary


Step 8

The notary will capture Digital copies of completed I-9s and email them to within 3 business days of your start date along with a copy IDs you used. The digital copy can either be a photo or a scanned version of the document. If you’re using an unexpired US passport as your proof of identification, please include photos of: 
  • The page with your picture and  
  • The last page with the planets and bar code.  

Step 9

Please mail your completed original I-9 to the following address within 7 days after your start date:

Chewy (Attn HR)

930 E. Campbell Road

Suite 300

Richardson, TX 75081

Please reach out to your recruiter if you have questions.