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When you join Chewy Customer Service, you will have ongoing support to become your best including... 
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Our Operating Principles

Our Operating Principles serve as a common language, or framework, that connects two of Chewy's most valuable elements; our people and our culture. Hear from a few Customer Service Chewtopians on what each of the Operating Principles means to them. 
Customer First
“I'm excited to be with a company that is as passionate about putting customers first as I am. As a leader, it is my mission to ensure that those around me have the tools, resources and support they need to perform at their highest level while knowing that they are valued every step of the way." - Gabrielle Hansen, Nesting Manager, Customer Service Learning and Development   
Deliver Results
“When I think about Deliver Results, I set goals, use measurements to track my progress and hold myself accountable if I fall short. Productivity is something that has always been important to me. I have found that even when I have reached my goals, there is always some facet of the project that could be improved upon. When I challenge myself to improve, I always end up delivering results." - Chris Krajcir, Business Systems Administrator 
Earn Trust
“Can you have customers without having earned trust? Some of my favorite actions to take to earn trust are having integrity and getting done what I say I will, embracing and encouraging diversity of thought and experience, and always assuming positive intent. As we work to continually earn trust, we'll find many other Operating Principles that strengthen synergistically." - Jacob Goodstein, Associate Director, Customer Service 
Operate At Depth
“At Chewy, I have the opportunity to operate at depth by using metrics and data readily available to me to find ways to improve things for our customers and Team Members. This can mean fixing systemic problems, finding more efficient processes and even preventing problems that haven't happened yet." - Joshua Hansen, Customer Service Manager   
Accelerate Time
“Understanding and embracing Accelerate Time has allowed me to grow immensely in my time here. The constant change and experiences have made me think quickly on my toes and be able to pivot according to the changes. Through the changes, it's helped me innovate and become more efficient in ways I did not operate before." - Chelsey Polk, Customer Service Manager
Act Like An Owner
“Titles and departments do not separate us from the shared goal of providing an exceptional customer experience. Everything we do impacts our customers in some capacity, therefore we must act with intention, depth and urgency in all that we do. Act as an Owner means never confining yourself to the scope of your role." - Felicia D'Abbieri, Associate Director, Customer Service Program Manager
Debate Openly; Commit Fully
“Debate Openly and Commit Fully means Chewy doesn't shy away from those that question the status quo. Even if you must commit fully to a process you don't agree with, we welcome those that challenge existing conditions to create a better customer experience. If it ain't broke, you can still fix it!" - Brian Caudill, Escalations Operations Manager    
Build High Performing Teams
“Building high-performing teams means hiring and developing goal-focused people. A high-performing team strives for excellence utilizing effective communication, common goals and efficient time management." - Medgyne Francois, Customer Service Operations Manager 
Keep It Simple
“For me, keeping it simple is key to our success. When we design a process that requires so many unnecessary steps, we lose touch with those we are trying to help. As Al McGuire said it best, 'Keep it simple, when you get too complex, you forget the obvious.' That's how I like to inspire my team when they start making something complex when it doesn't need to be." - Michael Kassuhn, Customer Service Recruiting Manager  
Think Big
“Dan Stevens once said, 'The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears.' This quote embodies what thinking big means to me. To get the outcomes we want in life, it's necessary to escape the restraints that you put on yourself." - Nicole Escandon, Associate Director, Customer Service Operations
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Create Your Own Career Path

Explore our career paths to learn more about the opportunities that await you once you join Chewy as a Customer Service Representative. 

Customer Service Careers

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How We Hire  

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