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Join the Customer Service Data Analytics Team!

We are more than just engineers and innovators. We are deeply valued and trusted advisors to our business, delivering extraordinary insights that drive and differentiate the Chewy customer experience. We strategically leverage our data expertise to inform and guide critical decisions at all levels of the organization. Our team works closely with business leaders to understand their needs and provide custom solutions that meet their unique challenges. We are deeply invested in the success of our business and committed to delivering solutions that exceed expectations.

Team Highlights & Features

Team leader Justin Nguyen was featured on the MIT CDOIQ Symposium for a session on “Strategies for Successful Data Science Projects in the Enterprise.” His emphasis on peer driven innovation plays a key role in his strategies here at Chewy. Take a look at his session here.  
The Evolution Exchange Podcast brings together leaders in the technology space to discuss the challenges they're facing and the solutions they're delivering. Listen in as team leader Justin Nguyen explains how data analytics drives important business decisions for Chewy. 

Pack Member Perspectives

"I love seeing colleagues at the office - some I've become very close with and only just met in-person recently. We have some really amazing, fun, charming, and extremely intelligent people here."
Sonya Jones
Recruiting Manager
On-Site | Dallas, TX

"I really value that Chewy fosters a culture of growth and is constantly seeking out ways of improving the ways we all work. I love that we all have a voice, and our input is valued."
​​​​​​​LaTonja Thurman Pet Wrangler - Specialty Lead
​​​​​​​On-Site | Plantation, FL

"Creating a work environment that is accessible to everyone attracts a diverse talent pool and unlocks talents and skills that might not be available otherwise."
Mark Sadecki Sr. Accessibility Program Manager
Hub | Boston, MA