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In Chewy Customer Service, we're a team made up of strong, passionate Team Members dedicated to delivering an exceptional, memorable and reliable experience for pet parents and partners, every time!

Customer Service: A Day in the Life

Meet Eli - remote customer service representative
Meet Maura - a remote customer service representative

​​​​​​​Pack Member Perspectives

I came to Chewy to work for a company with an amazing culture and a mission I feel connected to.
I love being a people leader and have always been passionate about helping others achieve success. I am so lucky (and excited) to lead the new Virtual Customer Service center in Phoenix. You can count on me and my team to deliver the best Team Member and customer experiences!
Julie Delaney
Associate Director, Virtual Customer Service 
What I love most about working in Chewy Virtual Customer Service (VCS) is this team's unrivaled willingness to help each other, to live our culture and to bring our Operating Principles to life in everything we do. The VCS team understands and acts on the principle that each team player helps each other to succeed. We do this by maintaining the tenets of our culture in tandem with living our Operating Principles. In our culture, you can expect a safe, collaborative, productive, winning and fun experience where we engage, enable and delight both internal and external customers.
Adam Card
​​​​Manager, Virtual Customer Service 
At Chewy, I feel valued for not only the work that I produce, but also as the human being that does the work. The level of support I receive from both peers and leaders is unparalleled. Working virtually at Chewy has allowed me the opportunity to embark on new challenges, and ultimately shift my career from Operations to Program Management. My journey is far from over, and I’m so glad I decided to run with the pack!
Sarah Rosenzweig
Manager, Programs 
In my experience, the caliber of talent here at Chewy is second to none and Team Members have an unparalleled passion for people and pets. It’s a unique and exciting adventure to collaborate with others as we expand in the virtual space. Remote work not only gives Team Members flexibility, but it also allows us to reach further as we look to attract and develop top talent in the industry.
Kevin Weiner
Associate Director, Virtual Customer Service 
Hallie Matteson
It's hard to summarize what Chewy is to me, but it sure is special. Chewy is full of kind individuals with incredible talents and experiences. We are cohesively invested in the culture we provide to our Team Members and customers every day. Adding virtual work to the Chewy organization allows us to offer this amazing culture to others. I am excited to see where it takes us!
Hallie Matteson
Associate Director, Program Management
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Find the Support You Desire

When you join Chewy Customer Service, you will have ongoing support to become your best. 

How We Hire 

Ready to emBARK on a new career? Learn how our hiring process works for Customer Service Representatives.  
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5 Reasons Why You Should Join
Chewy Customer Service

You Belong
Chewy is a place where you can be your authentic self. Our pet parents and partners are from everywhere—different places and different walks of life. It is what makes them unique. Likewise, Team Members are empowered to bring their perspectives to deliver on our mission! 
You Can Grow
Our culture is for those who thrive on delivering results and becoming your best. Whether you are looking to go deep in your craft as a subject matter expert or expanding your skill set by moving around and trying something new, we have different tiers and tracks to help you navigate your career with Chewy. 
You Can Make a Difference
You are encouraged to be curious, ask questions, bring ideas forward and act as an owner in everything that you do. We empower Team Members to WOW customers in the way they find best since all pet parents are unique. 
You Are Supported
At Chewy, our Operating Principles serve as a common language, or framework, that connects two of Chewy's most valuable elements: our people and our culture. When you join Chewy Customer Service, you will have ongoing training and development, resources and opportunities to become your best. 
You Are Rewarded
Chewy has you covered when it comes to competitive wages, retirement savings, and medical and dental insurance. Of course, the biggest perk is the ability to work together with other smart, driven and passionate Chewtopians who are making an impact each day.