Smiling Chewy Team Member
​​Rooted in our mission to be the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents and partners, everywhere, we’re guided by our Chewy Operating Principles (or OPs for short), which serve as a common framework that drives our character, capabilities, ingenuity and operations. 
We WOW our customers with an exceptional, memorable and reliable experience, every time.

We deeply understand and anticipate customer needs and are relentless about fulfilling them.

We believe an outstanding customer experience is a differentiator that creates long-term competitive advantage.
We understand that execution pays for ideation; we don’t confuse activity with progress.

We seek to be extraordinary in our work quality. Mediocrity is not a happy state for us.

We persevere when faced with ambiguity or setbacks.
We communicate openly, honestly and transparently with each other.

We support our own ideas and opinions with facts, data and a display of high judgment.

We hold ourselves mutually accountable and follow through on our commitments.

We live in the details of our business and are comfortable with metrics and data.

We think critically and analytically when solving problems.

We approach our work with a deep intellectual curiosity and a passion to continuously improve.
We operate in accelerated “Chewy Time” where we can accomplish more than others think is possible.

We are diligent in establishing clear scope and objectives. This enables fast decision-making and action in pursuit of the best outcome.

We are comfortable with failure; we fail fast, learn and iterate so we can make incremental progress quickly.

We take a holistic company-level point of view versus letting personal or departmental agendas dictate our actions.

We care—about Chewy, our customers and each other—a lot. If we see trash, we pick it up. We take initiative instead of waiting to be told what to do. We do the right thing.

We value frugality in that we treat the company’s brand, money and resources as our own.
We voice our opinion when we believe the outcome may not be favorable to Chewy AND we align fully once a decision is made.

We show courage to question the status quo—with our leaders, our colleagues and even ourselves.

We invite constructive feedback and debate to foster healthy collaboration and to achieve the best outcome for Chewy and our customers.
We hire, develop and promote exceptional talent who inspire us, who we can learn from and who will make us better.

We empower our teams to make high-quality decisions, as it fuels growth for individuals and for the company.

We anticipate change and continuously prepare our teams for future scale. We actively succession plan and willingly move talent across Chewy to promote Team Member growth.
We work hard to remove unnecessary complexities. Great ideas will fail if we can’t transcend complexity to understand what’s important.

We avoid analysis paralysis, especially when decisions are reversible.

We detest bureaucracy and seek to eliminate needless process wherever possible.

We promote innovation and big-impact scale thinking even if ideas seem impractical or complex at the surface.

We set bold visions that challenge us to think and act long-term.

We embrace the big ideas that inspire us to build new ways to serve pet parents.