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​​​​​​​We're looking for Team Members of all backgrounds and expertise to come run with the pack, from creative problem-solvers and brand-builders to financial wizards and data-driven "big-thinkers" with a passion for business growth and of course, pets.

Corporate Roles

Pack Member Perspectives

“I truly believe that 90% of your work experience is impacted by those around you. Chewy focuses on building high-performing teams and because of that, our managers and organizations are built up of fantastic people.“
Mita Malhotra
Olivia McCafferty
Robotics Software Engineer III
“Creating a work environment that is accessible to everyone attracts a diverse talent pool and unlocks talents and skills that might not be available otherwise.“
Mita Malhotra
Mark Sadecki
Sr. Accessibility Program Manager
"My exposure to popular and effective software has been critical to my development as an engineer, and my team is always ready and willing to answer my questions."
Mita Malhotra
Priya Shinde
Software Engineer II
“My favorite Operating Principle here at Chewy is “Debate Openly, Commit Fully.” It makes me comfortable having passionate disagreements with my coworkers about a project when appropriate, knowing that we can have a (zoom) beer later that day and feel OK about it. Every company strives for that culture, and it's a part of our DNA at Chewy.“
Mita Malhotra
Zack Rosenthal
Associate Director Product Manager
“Our culture is built on trust, accountability, and a willingness to learn from each other.
Mita Malhotra
Brandon Bica
Director, Software Engineering, Core Fulfillment Execution
“The Native Mobile App team is a results-driven yet flexible environment, where collaboration is at the heart of every major project. I joined Chewy as a new grad through our Campus program, and it's been an amazing learning experience so far.“
Mita Malhotra
Dewone Westerfield
Software Engineer I
"The environment at Chewy is incredibly supportive for women and job starters, especially in the field of technology. I'm excited to grow my career at Chewy and continue to expand my knowledge as a data scientist."
Mita Malhotra
Kailin Wang
Data Scientist II