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Life at Chewy 

We're building something pretty special here at Chewy.

​​​​​​​We call it Chewtopia, a place that empowers team members to think big,
built for those who thrive on delivering results, and full of opportunities
to seek the extraordinary and become your best,
no matter your role or location. 
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Our Operating PrinciplesOur Operating Principles serve as a common language, or framework, that connects two of Chewy's most important elements: our people and our culture. They help guide our character, capabilities, imagination and methods for execution in support of our company's mission to become the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents and pet partners everywhere.

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Perks & Benefits​

Three Chewy team members in neighboring cubicles, looking at their computer screens and laughing together
Health & Wellbeing 
Your health and wellbeing are essentialphysically, mentally, and financially.
Our comprehensive 
medical, dental and vision benefits, wellness programs and supportive rewards packages are always evolving to keep you safe, healthy, and happyenabling you to be your best selfin and outside of work.
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Connection Building
We're pet people AND people people here at Chewy. You'll always be empowered to develop meaningful connections with a diverse group of Chewtopians (our Team Members) through our Team Member Resource Groups, and celebrate inclusivity with various company events, programs and activities, year round.
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Professional Development
We want you to be able to unleash your fullest purr-tential when it comes to all things learning and development, and we're committed to providing the resources and tools to help you succeed through impactful learning experiences customized to your needs, like our newest initiative, Chewy University.
Three Chewy team members in neighboring cubicles, looking at their computer screens and laughing together
Pet-Friendly Ways of Working
Adding a new pet to the family is an amazing milestone and our paw-ternity policy allows bonding time with your new family member, and our dog-friendly offices enable you to bring your new best friend to work with you.
Three Chewy team members in neighboring cubicles, looking at their computer screens and laughing together
Team Member Discounts
As pet people ourselves, we love receiving Chewy boxes just as much as our customers do! This perk provides the opportunity to shop thousands of amazing products and services on Chewy.com with a special Chewtopian discount.
Three Chewy team members in neighboring cubicles, looking at their computer screens and laughing together
Community and Events
We offer countless volunteer opportunities, recreational club teams, happy hours and team events that enable you to bond, celebrate and have some fun with your fellow Chewtopians.
(...Okay, a lot of fun!)
 A Commitment to Growth & Development
When we invest in the development of our Team Members, we're also investing in the future of Chewy—and we're committed to helping you grow with us by providing learning content and development opportunities tailored to the needs of our most important asset: our People!

Enter Chewy University, developed for big thinkers, builders and learners of all kinds—and designed to be your go-to destination for one-of-a-kind learning and development experiences, including in-person events, virtual courses, learning academies, and a variety of tools and resources for all learning styles.

The pack that learns together, grows together!
Chewy University Logo
Chewy University
Chewy Gives Back Efforts
No matter your role at Chewy, you'll have the opportunity to help make the world a better place for pets and the communities that serve them through our Chewy Gives Back efforts. 

Through Chewy Gives Back, we donate pet products, food and other essential items directly to shelters, rescues and other non-profit animal welfare organizations across the U.S. Chewy’s Wish List feature and Adoptable Pets service provides shelters and rescues the ability to create a customized list of critically needed items and display pets available for adoption. Chewy customers and supporters can then donate supplies and browse pets looking for a loving home, all in one place.

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Pack Member Perspectives

"I really value that Chewy fosters a culture of growth and is constantly seeking ways to improve the ways we all work. I love that we all have a voice, and our input is valued."
LaTonja Thurman
Pet Wrangler - Specialty Lead
Plantation, FL 
"We're creating a work environment that is accessible to everyone, attracts a diverse talent pool and unlocks talents and skills that might not be available otherwise."
Mark Sadecki
Senior Accessibility Program Manager
Boston, MA
"It’s really fun to work on something that will ultimately be seen by millions of people every day– I can literally point to a feature when sitting next to someone on the plane and say, I was one of the folks who built that!"
Roshni Naidu
Roshni Naidu
Associate Director, Product Manager
Bellevue, WA
"My biggest takeaway from serving in the military was the realization that the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts. I've found that same mentality embraced by Chewy; there is no one team more important than the other. We work across the business to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our wonderful pet parents."
Sierra Gear Chewy
Grace Drewes
Customer Service Tiger Team
Hollywood, FL
"I like the frequent updates and engagement amongst colleagues. As human beings, it makes us all feel better when we can relate and connect with each other."
Pieter Muyskens / Senior HR Business Partner
Pieter Muyskens 
Senior HR Business Partner
Dallas, TX

An Award-Winning CultureWe're proud to be a "Best Places to Work" kind of place—but we're even more proud of the Chewtopians who make it all possible!