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We would be honored to have you join us!

As a member of the Chewy Warehouse and Fulfillment Center (FC) team, you’ll thrive in a safety-first work environment where you can create meaningful connections. While working alongside other transitioning military Team Members who are also passionate pet lovers, your job will be challenging, but rewarding. As an FC team member, we’ll empower you to build, grow and unleash your full potential. Our team members are at the heart of Chewy’s success. That’s why we promise to build a culture of belonging where you’ll have loads of fun, feel valued for your unique skills and contributions, and be recognized for your commitment and hard work. ​​​​​​​
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Five Reasons to Join the
Chewy Warehouse and Fulfillment Team


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You Belong
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Chewy values our employees by striving to provide a safety-first work environment. We’re committed to eliminating risk, improving operations and enhancing the wellbeing of each Team Member. 
Alison P.
​​​​​​​Brand Coordinator

You Can Grow
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We value our Team Members—a lot. We strive to do the right thing and want all Chewtopians to feel like they belong here!  
Reagan S.
Development Coach

You Can Make a Difference
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Chewy provides the tools and development opportunities you need to unleash your full potential.   
Nicholas T.
Workforce Specialist

You Are Supported
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Chewy provides competitive wages, benefits and perks—but we don't stop there. We recognize and reward our Team Members by celebrating their accomplishments, listening to their feedback, and implementing their great ideas. 
Nicholas T.
Workforce Specialist

You Are Rewarded
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We’re a diverse and inclusive team of passionate pet lovers. We value people who have diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives. Everyone’s voice matters at Chewy.  
Nicholas T.
Workforce Specialist

Passion, Potential and Purpose
 Jeff Hess tells us how he transferred his leadership, teamwork, and determination skills from the military into a sucessful career at Chewy in the November-December 2022 issue of RecruitMilitary's Search & Employ magazine.

​​​​​​​Pack Member Perspectives

 “As a retired Marine, the Core Values of the Marine Corps that were instilled in me from the day I stepped on those yellow footprints has helped me with my transition from military life to the corporate world.”

Shane is a retired Marine Veteran who has over 6 years of experience in Motor Transportation and over 12 years in Supply and Logistics. He is often called upon to serve as a consultant when building high performing teams to drive success throughout our building and managing projects. As a key player in leadership positions, he has also managed resources, individual performance evaluations, leadership mentoring, and also ensuring high quality standards are define.

Shane Simmons
Area Manager, Belton, MO
“Choosing to be the leader of choice’ was an easy decision, but a commitment that requires renewal and intentional action every day.”

Mark is a 24-year Air Force Veteran who retired as a C-130 Instructor/Evaluator Loadmaster with over 3,750 flight hours(< 500 in combat). His extensive leadership experience & ability to operate under fire left him seeking a fast-paced environment that understood servant leadership is a daily commitment. Chewy provided that opportunity  where he regularly runs the Outbound Operations department in the OM’s absence, as the Flow Area Manager. Mark epitomizes the Customer’s First operating principle by caring for and serving his customers both upstream (Sr. Leadership) and downstream (TMs), all while ensuring that Chewy is the most trusted and convenient destination for pet parents (and partners), everywhere.

Mark Ramirez
Area Manager, Salisbury, NC
“Serving in the military, as a part of countless unselfish teams, I learned many transferrable lessons. Where our hard work validated who we were and drove us to do great things.”

Jeremey is a United States Navy Veteran who served 9-years as an Enlisted Intelligence Analyst where he did a tour of deployment for Operation Enduring Freedom. 3 of those years were spent as a Navy Recruiter under Naval Recruiting Command-Dallas.  Upon transitioning from Active Duty, he wanted to continue to place qualified individuals into routes of success in an environment filled with positivity and culture. In 2017, he began his journey with the launch of DFW1 as a Temp. Recruiter and worked his way through the ranks of Recruiter, Sr. Recruiter, Recruiting Manager, and now Sr. Recruiter (Exempt) on the Talent Acquisition team.

Jeremey Randal
Sr. Recruiter - Talent Acquisition, Dallas, TX