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Looking for meaningful work?
In Chewy Customer Service, you will find just that! 

Our culture is for those who thrive on delivering results and becoming your best - no matter your role or location.  Whether you are looking to go deep into your craft as a subject matter expert or expanding your skill set by moving around and trying something new, Chewy will support you on your career journey. 

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Team members share how they have been able to challenge themselves to become their best. 

Career Stories

Brian was looking to dive deep into customer experience. He shares how he's done that by moving to the Healthcare team.
Daisy enjoys inspiring, supporting, and mentoring others, and has grown into a leadership role.
Alex likes diving into data and looking for trends and behaviors so moving into a Quality Assurance role aligned with her goals.

Customer Service Careers

Do you have a passion for creating meaningful connections and delivering pet happiness and delight? Grow and lead among an award-winning pack. 
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​​​​​​​Pack Member Perspectives

I am currently a Healthcare Agent based out of the Hollywood location and have been a Chewtopian since March of 2020. I started out as a Customer Service Representative and soon realized how many opportunities there were to grow within the company and prosper. When my lead informed me that a new role on the Healthcare team was going to open, I jumped on it immediately. I loved the idea of an agent who would be multifaceted and who would take on the challenge of handling calls dealing with both Pharmacy and Vet Diet, which can sometimes be the most perplexing type of contact. I wanted to take on this role to challenge myself and continue to go above and beyond for our customers.
Taylor Vazquez
Healthcare Agent 
Part of a Specialty Team 
I started at Chewy as a Customer Service Representative in January of 2019 in Dallas. Six months later, I had the opportunity to move to the Writing Team, which consisted of mainly email and chat support at that time. In August 2020, the Performance and Learning Specialist (PALS) position opened, and I became a part of the Learning & Development team. Initially, it was a 90-day, temporary position, but became a permanent position in 2021! I’ve been a Specialist for 1 year now, and it's been an amazing opportunity and journey that’s allowed me to learn and develop leadership skills.
Trey McCormick
Performance and Learning Specialist  
Part of a Leadership Team  
Over the years I've seen attributes of myself grow in terms of patience, knowledge, and the ability to accept change. I've used my emotional nature to connect with customers as the bond that builds trust and keeps them coming back. Being a pet parent, myself makes that bond more meaningful and genuine to me. I proudly take comfort in being on this team, knowing that we're always doing our best, not only for ourselves but for the pets we have the honor of being there for.
Aysia Cole-Hernandez
Social Media Response Team Agent 
Part of a Speciality Team 
I joined Chewy in April 2017. I’m currently a part of the Learning & Development team as a New Hire Trainer. Before joining the New Hire Training team, I started my journey as a Customer Service Representative delivering world-class customer service to fellow pet parents. I quickly became invested in the amazing culture Chewy built and decided I wanted to help introduce new Chewtopians to the Chewy way. My time here has been incredible, filled with excitement, challenges, and endless opportunities to help me become the best possible version of myself. If you have a passion for helping others develop and grow both professionally and personally, then New Hire Training is for you!
Roberto Rodriguez
New Hire Trainer
Part of a Support Team 
I am part of a specialty team within Customer Service and answer pet parents’ questions about products including nutrition, where something is manufactured, or product dimensions. What excites me about my future at Chewy, it’s the leadership. My leader pushes me to better my performance and encourages me to strive to be the best version of myself. There are so many different career opportunities, which lead to growth. It makes me feel like I’m not just a number I’m a person they trust and care about. It’s an honor to be a Chewtopian.
Francine Gonzalez
Question and Answer Agent 
Part of a Speciality Team 
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